Character auction winner sneak peak. Love what she did with the colors <3

Auctioning off this brand new character :D Want her? She can be yours! Extra possible goodies too!

Prepose Winner!

This was a fiverr chibi for my lovely Blazey!! <333



This is my job 8( [for real]


It’s funny, the bigger my butt gets, the bigger my characters’ butts seem to get.

Prepose Winner! A nurse shark :>

aww yis

Making A Resin Mask - Part 3

And on to the third installment of this tutorial! Preparing your resin mask for furring and….well, furring!

Part 1 - making your mold

Part 2 - casting your resin

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Making A Resin Mask - Part 2


Here is the second part to my resin mask making tutorial. Casting your resin mask!

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Making A Resin Mask - Part 1


Since I’ve done it a few times now and I had to learn and research A LOT, I figured I’d make a tutorial for those wanting to get started! :D

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DRAWING FIEND.  just a tease. ugg my hand wants to cut me.

Jesus Christ this is the cutest thing EVER.

Fiverr chibi - Oh just this AMAZING GIRL again <3 *sings Walking on Sunshine*