Moving on! I’m making another one of my Basset Dolls to also take to the Anthrocon art show this year. :3 I used my air brush a lot more on this one and I really like the result!

And here is the second little dragon! (I say little but they’re not THAT little..) I think I like the purple one a little more :) I’ll be taking both of these guys with me to put in the Anthrocon art show this year! (Maybe if enough interest is generated I’ll make more after?)

A super cute fiverr chibi!

Just finished up the blue one tonight! The purple one I’ve still got to make his body. They both have no skeleton so they can bend in any way. I’m taking both of these to put in the Anthrocon art show this year :3

More Fiverr Chibis!

In betwix all the other crazy art projects I’ve had to do in a short time, I’ve also been working on these goodies. They’ll eventually be dragon plushies!  The design is very much inspired by the World of Warcraft cloud serpents :D

OH MY GAWD they have Fringe on Netflix

Need your votes, please help! by *yamer

Vote for me!!

Hey guys!! Remember that contest I asked for your help?? Well I made it into the top 3!! But now I REALLY need your help!! The winner is determined SOLELY by the most votes! So please vote for “Lee” the Ram!!

Just click on “mascot contest” near the top and it will take you to the page to vote! All you have to do to vote is like their page and that’s it! There’s no spam and you can unlike their page after. Please help me out!!

One of the many projects I had to finish up in April! I’ve really been wanting to try the soft body doll type of plushie and after my mom asked for me to draw a picture for her office at work, I figured I’d use that as a great try to make her a replica of my basset hound Maximus! His head, paws and feet were all sculpted in clay and then cast in resin and painted. His body is a super soft minky with some slight airbrushing. It was definitely a fun learning experience! His bow was fraying awful so I changed it to a blue bow in some better material before I gave I gave it to her :3

More fiverr chibis!

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! TLC IN PSG STYLE! A collab between myself, Yue and Halo :D

Fiverr Chibis! Check out the Curvy Goddess!



Ohhh gawd. So old and I messed up the names.. Brooke.. not Yamer..
*bits on to a curb and waits for someone to stomp my face in*

I remember that!!! And I STILL love it!!! X3 <33 Those ears are the BEST.

Please help an artist by voting! No I’m not asking for cash XD

Ugg, it removed all my text from the link??? lame, ok REPOSTING:

PLEASEEE help an artist out!! I entered a local contest to design a mascot and part of the judging is based on popular vote (so it’s based on how many friends you have…lame..) I rarely (and NEVER have yet on Tumblr) done this but I am asking for your help! Please go to this link:

and “Like” their page in order to vote and vote for me! That’s it! All you have to do. No signing up for anything, no spam or scam crap, please just lend me 30 seconds of your time to vote ;-;

I have two entries in the contest:

Lee (Leinado) the Ram


The Service Dog (cocker spaniel)

The ram seems to be everyone’s favorite but really any vote you can spare would mean the world ;-; If for some reason the above link doesn’t work, please go here:

and click on “Mascot Contest” near the top. ALL you have to do is “Like” their page and you can vote. Please please lend me just a fraction of your day and it would mean the world <333 ;-;